Let’s play hide and seek!

*Inside the school*

Damon and Katherine walk out of one of the rooms. No, it wasn’t ‘let’s get dirty at school’ class. I don’t really know why they are there. Again, it has to do with their plan, it could be anything related to it. But they just finished whatever they were doing, and now they’re walking down the corridor to get out. They are alone.
“So… what’s gonna happen tomorrow? After we’re all done with this.” Damon asks Katherine.
“What do you mean?”
Damon stops which makes Katherine stop too.
“You promised me something. You said you will leave Mystic Falls with me.”
“Yeah, I did… But you know, I like Mystic Falls. Without the werewolves it’s the perfect place.”
“No, Katherine, we’re not gonna play this game. You promised…”
“What if I changed my mind?” she crosses her arms.
“Did you?”
She doesn’t answer.
“Well, in that case, I’m gonna drag you out. How about that?” Damon smirks.
“You know, the way you talk to me… is not really a sign of your… affection.” she shakes her head, but smirks.
“Well, nothing else works on you, so….” He also smirks.
This is funny. I mean, they are both badass and they know it. So, they better play nice…
“How about… ‘I love you, Katherine. I want to spend eternity with you.’ Hmm?” That bitch really loves herself, lol.
Damon doesn’t say anything.
“No?” Katherine says and fake pouts.
“Let’s get out of here.” Damon says and turns around. Katherine rolls her eyes behind him and goes after him. But after two steps she stops. She senses someone behind them. Damon notices she’s stopped and turns back.
“What’s wrong?” he asks. He didn’t sense the same thing she does.
She suddenly turns around as someone passes across the other side of the corridor behind her. Then she turns back to Damon who noticed that.
“Get out!” she says.
“Just do it!”
They don’t have time to fight, because the mysterious vampire around them just passed behind them, again. That’s scary. We can see Katherine’s scared. She walks around, trying to detect who’s hiding. This scene reminds me of the one in ‘The Return’ with Katherine and Elena after finding John in the kitchen. But this is creepier, it’s dark in the school corridor and we don’t actually see the other vampire who’s playing around Damon and Katherine.
Katherine hears a noise from one of the rooms. ‘I got you now‘ she thinks and vamps over there, almost breaking the door while opening it aaaaand….
…. nothing! The room is empty. Windows closed. Whoever is playing is a good player.
Katherine turns back to the corridor, she’s lost the mysterious vampire. But then she notices something else…
“Damon?” Wait… where is Damon? He was just there and now… he’s not!
No answer. Okay, this is not good…
“Damon?” Katherine calls for him louder now. Wow, she’s freaking out. How could she totally miss this?
And then someone right behind her almost whispering says:
“Boo.” She turns around and look who’s smirking at her: Damon! She sighs in relief. That did scare the hell out of her.
“Scared you?” Oh, Damon… you love joking around, don’t you?
“What are you doing?”
“I was trying to track the guy!” Okay, Damon, but next time don’t freak us out too. “Well, now he’s gone. But you know we must find out who he is.” he says.
“I wouldn’t worry about it right now. He’ll show himself eventually.” Katherine says much calmer now.
“Yeah? And that will happen before or after he kills us?” Damon is irritated now.
“He won’t kill us.” Katherine rolls her eyes.
“Speak for yourself! That man almost killed me once! Whoever he is I hate him already.” You have no idea how much you’re going to hate him yet, Damon.
“Well, he didn’t kill you now, so stop complaining. And we’re late, let’s go.”
Seeing Damon’s facial expression she couldn’t just go. “Look, sooner or later he will reveal himself. Trust me, they always do.”
“Yeah, you know… that reminds me of something I always wanted to ask you. Out of pure curiosity, how many vampires did you turn in your entire life?” Good question.
“Uhh, that’s almost like asking me how many children I would have.” The simple idea of it seems to horrify her more than any stalking vampire. “Just… way too much.” she shakes her head and rolls her eyes.
Damon’s face goes “EWW!” and he says: “I didn’t need to know that now, did I?” Oh, come on Damon. Isn’t that obvious?
Katherine just shrugs like she’s saying ‘like I care…’
Damon turns away from her and says: “Just… let’s go…” Katherine smirks behind him and they leave the school.
Okay, I know that this scene, alone, doesn’t have much impact. At least, that’s how I feel about it. But it’s going important for the development of the story line.
By the way, I’d like to point out that Damon and Katherine would make a great Team Badass. I mean, they kind of are in this episode already, because of their plan to kill the werewolves, but they could do much better than this. They could be really bad and cause some serious damage and not even feel bad about it. I would love to see something like that and who knows…

*in the meantime*

Alaric is a double agent. He’s part of the secret council thanks to Damon’s recommendation. His job in their plan is basically to fool the council and make sure no one does anything to stop the werewolf hunting. But he fails. Obviously.
He just arrived. The sheriff goes to talk to him.
“Hey, thanks for coming. We have a lot of things to do today.” Who doesn’t?
“Yeah, sure… what’s up?”
“You won’t believe this: we found out that Stefan and Damon Salvatore are vampires. So is Katherine who was supposed to be Elena’s twin sister…” Liz shakes her head. Yeah, that’s just madness.
Alaric thinks: “What the hell…” But he says: “Oh.. really?” he tries to seem surprised. Actually he is surprised they found out. “How did you find out?”
“We have a source.”
“Who?” Poor Ric.
Elena and Mason.
“That doesn’t matter. What matters is that we are going to take them down today. Right now.”
Alaric thinks: “You’re kidding me, right….? Please, be kidding me…”
“You know, I don’t think that’s a good idea… we need a plan…”
“We have a plan. We had one week to work on it.” And you’re telling him now? I guess the sheriff didn’t trust Alaric that much… He’s too close to Damon and she knows that.
“Okay… I can call Damon and… “
“I already did. He’s on his way. We’re going after Stefan, and I need you here to help us deal with Damon.”
Alaric thinks: “Oh, crap.”
“Sure thing…” That didn’t sound convincing at all.
“I’m just going to wait for Mason… I thought he should know about this.” She hesitates before she goes on. “I need to ask you something. Do you know anything about werewolves? You just know everything about vampires and I thought… if anyone had some information about other supernatural creatures that would be you.”
Alaric thinks: ‘WHAT?’
“Umm… werewolves? No… no, I’m sorry. I don’t think so.”

Now, that’s messed up…  Alaric manages to alert Stefan, but not Damon. Stefan can’t leave the place he’s in, but at least he knows they’re after him now.

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Don’t worry, Damon has it all under control…

Damon found out that Stefan and Elena are no longer together. He’s happy about it actually. But it makes him do the slyest, baddest thing ever. No, he’s not going to kill anyone. But it’s really stupid and he’s not thinking of the consequences… again.
Gilbert house

There are some unclear parts in this scene… I don’t know how exactly this happens or how Damon will make it work, but, this is what he does….

He walks into the Gilbert’s kitchen. He’s alone. He picks up a glass and pours juice in it. All is good until he takes a knife…

…and cuts himself. He let’s his own blood drip into the juice and mixes it in with the knife.  It’s not much blood, but enough to… you know what. He heals, cleans the knife, then Jenna walks in holding her purse and jacket and she’s in a hurry.
“Damon! I didn’t know you were here.” She grabs something from the fridge.
“Elena called me.” Damon says.
“She’s upstairs. Uhh, it’s so hot!” Jenna picks up the glass of juice and drinks some of it. Damon does the ‘dammit!’ face, but tries to control it. He looks hilarious.
“That’s for… Elena.” he says awkwardly.
Jenna had less than half of it, but that’s still enough to… you know what. “Sorry,” she rolls her eyes and puts the glass down. “See you later.” Damon nods as she leaves. He pours himself some juice too then he turns to the door. We see heels, tight ass pants and curly hair. It’s Elena. Dressed up as Katherine. Damon whistles approvingly. Elena walks in.
“So, how good are you at being evil?” Damon asks her smirking.
“Why did you want me to do this?” she answers with this question.
“It’s part of the plan.” Damon smirks and hands her THAT glass… She takes it and drinks from it.
“Yeah? And what if they attack me thinking I’m her and get killed in the process? Have you thought about that?” She drinks more.
“Of course I have.” Damon replies.
Elena puts the now empty glass down and raises her eyebrow.
“And….?” Oh, you just drank the answer, Elena….
“Not evil enough!” he jokes. She’s not in a fun mood so he goes serious and rolls his eyes. “No one’s going to attack you, Elena! It’s only to cause some confusion.”

“Right…I still hate it. These heels are killing me.”
“It’s not time to be picky. At least she didn’t take anything from you this time.”
“I wouldn’t mind at all… I would give her my entire wardrobe if it gets her to leave town.” She says angrily.
“Much better!” he smirks again, referring to her being a little bitchy now. Like Katherine.
“This is not funny, Damon! What if people find out?”
“They won’t find out! Oh, and don’t tell Stefan about it.”
“We don’t really… talk these days.” She says and turns away.
“Yeah, I heard… What’s next?” Or who’s next? Isn’t that what you really wanted to say, Damon?
“I don’t know… I don’t know what will happen to our relationship…  it’s too complicated.”
Damon thinks: ‘wait… I thought your relationship is… over?’ But he doesn’t say a thing.
“We’ll figure it out… I guess.” Poor Elena. She does sound sad.
Damon has the ‘ding ding ding’ moment: ‘oh. Katherine… Goddammit…’
“Hey… don’t worry. We’ll get through this. And no one’s gonna find out.” he says calmly. She nods. That could’ve been a great moment between them. But we know what he has done… and it makes all this false. Damon… you’ve disappointed me.

Then Jeremy walks in. “Hey!” He says and he looks at Elena. “What’s with the costume?” he laughs and goes upstairs.
Right. No one’s gonna find out. Except for Jeremy.
Damon goes after him into his room. He gets straight to the point and asks:

“How do you know that she’s not… her?”
“She’s my sister. I’ve known her my whole life. It would be weird if I didn’t know she’s not my sister, right?”
Right. Damon doesn’t have anything to say against that.
“What are you doing today?” Why so curious, Damon?
“Umm… I’m gonna stay at the Lockwood’s.. we have that project to do for school… See you later?” And he leaves his room, but Damon stops him.
“You’re going to study without your stuff?”
The bag, Jeremy!
“Yeah, right… thanks!” He goes back, picks the bag up then his phone rings. It’s Katherine. Damon doesn’t see that, but asks him anyways: “Aren’t you gonna answer that?”
Jeremy changes his tone. “Aren’t you leaving?” Wow. This is getting tense.
“What’s your problem, Jeremy?” Damon approaches him.
“What’s yours?” Jeremy doesn’t back off. He turns his phone off.
“I’m just curious.”
“Don’t be.” You tell him, Jer!
Jeremy finally leaves. Damon wonders what the hell is going on with him and the Lockwoods… Oh, Damon. Only if you knew…


Just to make it clear: Elena has NO intention to become a vampire. At all. And if she knew that Damon ‘gave’ her his blood… she wouldn’t be very grateful. Oh and Jenna. She has his blood in her system too. Awesome… Great job, Damon!


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Goodbye, brother!

Salvatore house
So, we know that things between Stefan and Elena hasn’t been good lately. And Stefan thinks she broke up with him, but it was Katherine. Although, Elena was thinking of breaking up with him a long time ago… Anyways, they’re not really speaking to each other.

Damon is in the living room, drinking blood when Stefan arrives.
“Success?” Damon asks him. Stefan nods.  They just started putting their anti-werewolf plan into action. (By the way, I don’t know what the plans are exactly, but I  know they are some master plans…)
“I should probably go, we can’t lose time.” Stefan says. (I don’t know where he has to go, but it’s somewhere near Mystic Falls, at a deserted area). “You have it under control, yeah?” he asks Damon, turning around to leave.
“Wait!” Damon’s confused. “Aren’t you going to Elena’s party?”
Stefan turns to him, sighs and says: “No, Damon, I’m not.”
“Why?”  he does the eye thing too “We need someone there to distract them.”
“She made it pretty clear she doesn’t want me there. So…”
“Oh.” Now he gets it… “Well, I can go then.”
“You know, I think it’s better if none of us went. They could attack us right there.”
“Not if I stay really close to her.” Damon smirks. Ouch. That was a dick move. Based on Stefan’s facial expression, that’s what he’s thinking too.
“What about Katherine?” he asks Damon bitterly.
“What about me?” I love how Katherine just pops up out of nowhere, surprising both Salvatore brothers. She was holding the paper she took from the Lockwood house.

“Don’t worry about it.” Damon says and gives Stefan one of the meanest looks ever. Stefan looks right back at him. Katherine stares at them then says: “How are we going to work together if you two keep fighting?”
“Since when do you care?” Damon has never spoken to Katherine like that… it’s quite shocking. He puts the glass of blood down and approaches her and continues. “You are the reason for all of this. No one else. It’s your fault.” Wow! Did he really just say that? Katherine’s face is just… hilarious. Damon turns to Stefan: “See you tonight then, brother!” Then he leaves. Katherine looks at Stefan who shrugs at her. “I know it sucks…” he was referring to what Damon told her. Yes, he knows how that sucked… “But this time I must agree with him.” Ouch again. She wasn’t expecting that. Not from Stefan. Stefan leaves too. Katherine just shakes her head. She stares at the layout she took for a while… She’s wondering where that room is. She wants to find it…

This is the first and last time these three have a scene together in this season finale. In fact, it’s the last scene Stefan and Damon have together in this episode… Next time won’t be tonight, as planned. Something happens that none of them expect. Next time will not be anytime soon. And it will happen in totally different circumstances.

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The strangest dream

Lockwood Mansion

Katherine is standing in the middle of the living room, she’s wearing a white shirt. There are some people around. Katherine looks upset though. Then Mason shows up behind her. He’s the wearing a black shirt. He looks hot. Like always.
“Are you okay?” he asks her and she turns to him. He holds her hands and looks worried at her. She sighs and answers: “Yeah, I’m fine.” It doesn’t sound convincing though.
“You know, I should just…” Mason talks to himself angrily and turns around to find someone… but Katherine stops him.
“No, don’t. It’s okay. It’s okay!” she tries to calm him down. It looks like someone has hurt Katherine somehow and Mason doesn’t like it at all. He sighs and lets her hug him. He hugs her back and runs his fingers through her hair. Then she looks at him and says: “I love you.” He smiles and replies: “I love you too.” Then he kisses her. She kisses back then smiles too. It’s a really sweet moment. She snuggles him and….

Okay. Wait. Breathe pause.


… and then Tyler wakes up. He sits up in his bed like he had a nightmare. Then he looks at the clock and gets up quickly. He slept with his clothes on from last night. It’s 10 am already and he has to go. But he can’t stop thinking about his dream… now why would he dream about his uncle and Katherine getting romantic? It didn’t seem like a natural dream…
Then Jeremy finds him. He spent the night there after Mason and Tyler went through all the plans with him.
“Morning!” Jeremy says. He seems to be in a much better mood than he was last night. “You’re uncle’s calling you.”
“Yeah… I’ll be right there…” Tyler doesn’t seem to be happy at all.
“I gotta go. See you later then?” Jeremy doesn’t wait for an answer and leaves. What none of them know is that their next meeting is going to be… quite different from what they planned.

In the next scene, we see Mason standing next to his car, texting on his cell phone. The trunk was open, but we don’t see what’s in it (yet).
Tyler appears.
“Hey, the sheriff just called. They’re having a meeting. She said they need you.” Tyler talks to Mason, but he doesn’t seem to be paying attention at him. Tyler crosses his arms and waits. Then Mason answers.
“Well, you can go and wish her good luck, whatever it is. I can’t go.”
“Why not?”
“I’m busy.” He’s still texting.
“With what?” Tyler asks.
Mason looks at him and says: “Why don’t you go to the meeting?”
“Yeah. Tell them I can’t help.”
Tyler ponders then says: “Okay.” Mason turns his attention to his car now and Tyler goes on.
“Look, I have to ask you something.”
“Make it quick.”
Tyler thinks… how could he ask ‘Are you in love with Katherine?’ without sounding like… an idiot?
Mason looks up. “What is it?” he asks impatiently.
“Nevermind… it’s not important. ” Tyler turns around to leave, but Mason makes him stop.
“Wait.” Mason says and hands him a stake. “Take this with you.” Tyler looks at him surprised, but takes the stake and goes inside. Then Mason goes back to close his car’s trunk. Now we see what’s inside: some explosives and a stake. (I know, you shouldnt put explosives into your car, but Mason is a brave man… You have no idea how much yet.). He closes the car’s trunk and goes inside the living room. He puts something in a drawer and starts picking up other things from the table (there’s a gun on it too), but before he could finish he hears something falling then a painful yell coming from the front door.
“Tyler?” he steps away from the table so he can see what’s happening in the corridor. And what he sees is terrifying: Katherine holding Tyler from behind him like she’s about to snap his neck. Mason stops in shock.
“Good morning, Mr Lockwood!” Katherine says in her most evil voice.  Tyler can’t move a muscle. Mason’s too shocked and scared to move.
“What are you doing?”  Mason asks her, scared.
“I hoped we can talk.” Katherine says in her evil tone.
“Let him go… please?” Mason slowly tries to approach them.
“Not until I find out what you’re up to.”  she say and Mason stops.
“What are you talking about?” he shakes his head, asking her.
“I know you’re hiding something from me… and I’m gonna find out what it is, so… how about you give me your cell phone? Or watch our little wolfie die. Before I count down to one…” Katherine demands.
“Why don’t you come and get it?” Mason replies defiant.
“Three…” she starts counting down.
“Two!” she raises her voice.
“Fine!” he yells at her then takes out up his cell phone from his pocket, shows it to her by holding it up and puts it on the table. Then he holds his breath and waits…
Katherine pushes Tyler away, who falls over on the ground, and rushes over to the table, next to Mason. She picks up the white cell phone, stares at it for a second then turns to Mason and rolls her eyes, saying: “The other one.”
Mason looks at her confused first…
“Now!” Katherine demands.  Mason doesn’t have another choice.  He sighs and pulls another phone out of his other pocket. It’s a small purple one. Katherine takes it then  looks back at him.
“Don’t you ever try to fool me again!” it’s like the Devil talking. Fooling Katherine is not easy. Got it, Mason? Oh, he pouts (hottt). Katherine turns around, it looks like she’s leaving, then suddenly turns back, like something has caught her attention. She looks at Mason, who look back confused (and scared). There is too much tension between them. Tyler (who got up already) stares… yeah, Tyler, that was a dream. This is reality. Which doesn’t mean that their feelings in that dream are not real. But it’s not what it seems like at the moment. Then Katherine grabs something from the table and rushes out pushing Tyler purposely on her way out. He falls over again. Mason looks at the table and finds out what’s missing: the layout of that mysterious room (the one that Tyler got in his hands the night before). Mason doesn’t show any reaction about it. He totally ignores Tyler and gets a gun out of a drawer and grabs some other stuff from the table. Tyler doesn’t really like that.
“What the hell was that!?” he yells at his uncle. Poor kid almost got killed, I can totally understand him… However, Mason’s behavior isn’t very consoling.
“What do you mean ‘nothing’?? What… what does she want with your cell phone?”
“I guess she wants to find out what I’m hiding from her.”
“Then she’s gonna find out! About… everything! We’re screwed!”
“No, we’re no…”
“How can you say that!???” Uh, this is getting ugly…
Mason looses his patience now and shouts back: “Because what she’s looking for… *opens drawer and gets another cell phone out* is this!” It’s a small purple one, identical to the one he gave to Katherine…
Tyler is way too shocked now. “So you just… fooled her?”
“Yes, I did.” You can almost hear Mason say ‘got a problem?’ too. He stops for a second, they stare at each other. Mason is really pissed, he has a lot of important things to do and the day hasn’t stared well at all. Plus it’s full moon.
Tyler is shocked and… scared of him? Yes, he’s scared a little. I mean… he’s totally confused about that dream and he’s still traumatized by what just happened. And now this.. he can worry for his uncle too. Poor Tyler!
Mason puts the phone in his pocket, takes the gun and goes to the back door then he stops and looks back at Tyler.
“Aren’t you late for the meeting?” He acts like nothing happened at all then leaves. Tyler just… sighs and leaves too.

Yes, tricking Katherine is not easy at all. And Mason Lockwood knows that. But he’s been planning something since… a very long time ago. What is he up to? That’s the big question… and what is this whole cell phone thing about? I know you’re confused, but I promise, you’ll understand everything after season 3 premiere.

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Season Finale – First scene

So, I know it’s been months since I posted that trailer… Life got in my way. XD But don’t worry, I’ve been writing like crazy since then. I’m currently writing episode 2 of season 3 and I have a lot of plans for season 3. But more about that later…

Before starting this season finale, let’s recap what happened this season.

Katherine came back and she’s been together with Damon. They are the crazy vampire couple of Mystic Falls. She doesn’t love him though. She wants Stefan. But unlike on the show, she hasn’t shown that directly. She has made both Damon and Elena jealous though. She likes playing games, and she’s very patient. Also, her relationship with Mason Lockwood has been growing and becoming more… interesting. At the beginning of the season, they looked at each other as enemies who must be destroyed. But now, they both have feelings for each other, but they don’t admit it.

Damon has been struggling with his feelings for both Katherine and Elena. I think he’s in love with both. But sometimes he doubts Katherine loves him the same way. In fact, deep down he knows none of them love him as he wants them to. His relationship with Stefan became better, but as I said, Damon is jealous because of Katherine’s AND Elena’s feelings for him.

Alaric and Damon became even closer than the brothers. I love their bromance. Alaric is still dating Jenna, I love them as a couple. Jenna is not kept in the dark like in the show. She knows about vampires… she doesn’t like any of the supernatural world though, and she tries to stay away of it as much as possible (which is not easy with Katherine around).

Elena is constantly Katherine’s target… she loves making her life miserable. They’re telling everyone that Katherine is the long-lost twin. You can imagine the rest…

Tyler has become a werewolf. I’m not following the same rules that are in the shhow about becoming a werewolf. There is no curse to trigger in my story. He has the wolf gene, so after a determined age he goes through his first transformation. Mason has been there for him and he became this father figure. He’s actually taking care of Tyler better than his own father ever did.

Jeremy’s role is becoming very important. I have big plans for him in season 3, so stay tuned.

In the last few episodes the vampires have been working on a plan to kill all the werewolves in town and vice-versa. All of that on Elena’s 18th birthday. Which is why this episode is called “Happy Birthday”. But you’re going to see, nothing happy is happening… at all.

We also saw some flashbacks from Katherine’s human past. We saw her meeting Klaus when she ran away from her wedding and running away from him, having her baby from Sevastian, we saw him get killed and Katherine killing her father a (because she thought he’s the one who killed her lover) and running away with her baby, who was taken away from her. After all that she asked Klaus to turn her.

But what happened to Klaus?

That’s what we are going to find out in the first scene of the season  finale…

It’s a flashback scene. 1300’s, Russia. We’ve come to the last chapter of Katherine’s human past. I’ve shown you that Katherine was in love with Sevastian (who had a brother, Dimitri)  and she got pregnant. Then her happiness was destroyed when Klaus showed up at her forced wedding to someone she didn’t love. He kidnapped her and when she had a chance to escape, her lover was killed and her baby was taken away. All done by her father (at least, that’s what she thinks). After that she lets Klaus turn her, because once you’re a vampire you can shut off the pain. It’s the easiest thing in the world! All you have to do is flip the switch and snap!

Right, Katerina?
Well, she’s just about to find that out….
Katherine is a new-born vampire. She’s fascinated with this ‘new world’ (just like Stefan was when he turned), but she’s trying to hide it.
Klaus approaches her. He looks… well, not hot, but charming. Definitely not ugly. This show has no ugly people! =P But he looks… powerful.
Klaus’ house in the background. The house where he kept Katherine locked and where he manipulated her. Pushed her around, abused her… FED on her. Oh yes, she remembers all of it now…
“Are you ready?” he asks her. They are moving.
“Well, I lost everything I had on my way, so I guess I am.” she says bitterly. Yeah, we get it… Poor Katherine.
“I’m sorry about your baby…” Klaus says. Oh, sure you are… “But you are starting a new life now. With me. You will forget about everything that happened here. I promise you…”
Katherine interrupts him: “How do I walk in the sun?” She’s not bitchy at all, the way she asks that is cute, actually. Innocent. Kind of naive. Not the Katherine we are used to.
“You can’t.” Klaus shrugs.
“But I want to walk in the sun!” now she sounds like a five-year old who demands candy.
“I’m sorry. Everything has its sacrifice.” Note: This phrase will gain extreme importance later.
Katherine pouts. Someone calls Klaus from the house. There are some people there helping them with the moving. Katherine is left alone outside. She’s sad. She doesn’t want to go anywhere. She wants her baby. She doesn’t want to spend eternity with this man who ruined her life. She promised him she would, but she did that only so he would turn her. She was using him. Now the time has come to get rid of him… before it’s too late.
Don’t ask me how exactly it happened. It was a very risky move and she was scared to hell it wouldn’t work. But she was desperate. So, she trapped him inside the house and burned it down. Then she killed everyone else outside. I must say it was shocking though. Did I say naive? I meant badass…
Snow covered with blood. House burning. We see Klaus burning inside too. She hears him screaming. She looks relieved. Then she walks away. It was over.


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Season Finale teaser trailer

Ok, I have no talent at drawing, I know that. But I hope you still ‘enjoy’ this… unique trailer. LOL. If you are confused, it’s okay. Season Finale will be confusing. But everything will become clear in the first episode of season 3. ;)

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Unexpected help

This is the last scene of episode 21. Same night of “A Troublemaker doing a favour?” Read with a lot of attention, some things in this scene may mean more than what they seem… Every word counts!

Lockwood Mansion, living room

Mason Lockwood pours himself a drink. Tyler walks in and look at his uncle surprised. He doesn’t drink much usually.
“Wow. Hard day?” Tyler asks Mason.
“Yeah, could say that. How was yours?” Mason sits on an armchair, holding his drink. He looks at Tyler who’s standing next to the table.
“It sucked.  She didn’t believe me and broke up with me. I guess I learned that listening to your heart can cause you a lot of trouble.” Tyler says bitterly.
“It can, huh?” Mason says and stares into the fireplace then he drinks. Then he looks back at Tyler. “I’m sorry about it.”
“Yeah, me too.” After some moments of silence he sits on the couch and asks his uncle: “So, what’s up? Any woman issues? You know, you do look like you’re having woman issues.”
Mason smiles and raises his eyebrow. “Really? What makes you think that?”
“Well, you have all the symptoms. I’ve been observing you lately, you know. You’re always distracted, seems like you’re on another planet or something.”
Mason laughs at him.
“So is it a woman issue?” Tyler asks.
“No, it’s not…” He goes on, serious now:  “I’m just worried about tomorrow.”
“Yeah, tomorrow… the big day! Everyone’s worried. But we’ll do it, we’ve tested the plan, nothing’s gonna stop us. Everything will be fine. Your words!” It’s nice to see Tyler actually caring for someone else. I really want him to develop into this direction in the show and to be less of a jerk. He has the potential to be a great character.
Mason nods. “Yeah, I know. It’s just a bad feeling.”
“Well, actually I’m not sure we’re doing the right thing here.” Tyler seems to be afraid of Mason’s reaction to what he has to say.
“What do you mean?” Mason asks.
“I don’t think we should kill them.” Tyler says seriously, which makes Mason even more tense. “You say they are killers, but if we do this… then we won’t be any different from them.” Damn you, Tyler. You have to change your mind in the last minute, don’t you? “Just because historically we are rivals… and because our ancestors killed them, it doesn’t mean we should do the same.”
“I agree with you. Now it’s different. Today is different. We are not our ancestors and we are not dealing with the same vampires.” Mason says and gets up then walks to the table. He thinks of Katherine and continues. “But we don’t have a choice. These vampires kill for pleasure. Human life doesn’t mean anything to them. So… take it as protecting our town and our family.” As Tyler doesn’t seem much more convinced he adds: “They need to die. Or things will get only worse.” He turns to the table after that, puts the drink down and starts organizing some papers on it. Then the doorbell rings.
“Who could that be?” Tyler asks surprised.
Mason puts everything back down on the table and goes to see who the visitor is. In the meantime Tyler takes a look at those papers: some of them are layouts of a room which is not familiar to him, he has never seen it at their meetings about ‘vampire-killing’. Others are some kind of instructions for something, but he didn’t have enough time to figure out what for.
Mason opens the door and says: “Jeremy! What are you doing here?”
Jeremy looks very tense. “I’m sorry, I know it’s late. But I need to talk to Tyler. And to you, actually.”
Mason was not expecting him at all. “Yeah, sure, come on in.” he finally says and Jeremy enters. They go into the living room when Tyler was about to examine better one of the papers on the table. He’s also surprised to see Jeremy.
“Hey, man. What’s up?” Tyler asks him. Mason quickly goes back to the table and takes all his papers off.
“I know about your plan.” Jeremy says.
“What are you talking about?” Yeah, it’s supposed to be a secret…
“I know you’re planning on killing the vampires tomorrow.” Jeremy answers. “And I want to help.”
Mason stops and looks at him. “how the hell did he find out?” he asks himself. Tyler is confused. “You mean… you know that we want to kill the Salvatores… and that Katherine chick.. and the others.” That Katherine chick. Oh, Tyler, you’re so lucky she didn’t hear that.
“Look.” Jeremy interrupts him. “I know everything.” Then he looks at Mason. “And I want to help.”
Intense Jeremy/Mason eye-contact.

The end of episode 21.

What made Jeremy make that decision? How much does he really know? What happened in his room with Katherine earlier? Only season 3 will tell.

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